The Guitar Music of Ponce and Oliva

SANTA ANA, CA. On Saturday September 17th, 2011 I performed a set of classical guitar music by the Mexican composers Manuel M. Ponce and Julio César Oliva as part of the annual Fiestas Patrias held in downtown Santa Ana. This was the first time that the marketing entity Downtown Inc sponsored a display of Mexican arts and crafts in the Artists Village, they called the event the Mexican Artisan Fair. I also performed an original composition of mine, Oliviana, an hommage to J.C. Oliva.

My recital set was as follows:

Tres canciones populares mexicanas (Manuel M. Ponce)

I. La pajarera

II. Por ti mi corazón

III. La valentina

Scherzino maya (Ponce)

Estrellita (Ponce)

Mi ciudad (arr. Julio César Oliva)

Oliviana: Homenaje a Julio César Oliva (Omar Ávalos)


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